Recognized Color Mutations

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the various color mutations, how long they've been around, and their correct names. Here is a complete list of the known color mutations as cataloged by MCBA (Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association), and reprinted from their archives courtesy of MCBA.

Mutation Chinchillas of the World

Dominant Mutations

Official Name of Color Year Color Appeared Breeder and Location
Wilson White
Incomplete Dominant, Lethal Factor, Heterozygous Only
1955 Blythe Wilson,
Redding, CA
Tower Beige 1960 Nick Tower, U.S.A
Gunning Black
Lethal Factor, Heterozygous Only
1960-1961 Robert Gunning,
Davenport, WA
Tasco 1964 Otto Munn, Texas
French Blue 1970 Jack French, Kansas
Busse 1962 Angle ranch

Recessive Mutations

Official name of color Year color appeared Breeder and Location
Wellman Beige
(dark eyes)
Rzewski Beige (dark eyes) 1958 Poland
Beige Recessive
(red eyes)
1960's L. Sullivan & C.J. Reynolds
Albino 1960+
Charcoals Betty Broucke, California
Wes Olson, California
R. Somavia, California
W. Pohl, California
T. Ready, California
(Curly Brown Charcoal)
1963 Lloyd Sakrison, Minnesota
Stone White 1963 Paul Stone, Oklahoma
Larsen Sapphire 1963-1965 Merle Larson, Indiana
Lester Black
(Midwest City Black)
1970 M.W. Lester,
Midwest City, OK
Treadwell Black 1962-1963 Fort Worth, Texas
Young Lavender-Brown 1969 Bobby Young,
Bartlesville, OK
Sullivan Violet (Lavender) 1967 Rhodesia, S. Africa,
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